Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general delivery time?

- Generally we will deliver the virtual server in few minutes after we verified your payment, however sometimes it might take longer if we have a large volume of orders. In addition, we do the activation manually not to overload the hostnodes and avoid fraud.

Billing Questions

What payment method do you accept?

- We accept more than 8 payment methods: Wechat  ,Alipay, Unionpay,paypal , Payeer, Webmoney, Qiwi, Banktransfer, . If you would like to pay in other ways, feel free to contact us.

Do you offer a refund?

- Yes, we will arrange refund to customer within 7 days after purchase. If you do not like the services, you can request a refund within 7 days. However, if there are any transaction fees incurred by the bank or payment gateway, and can not refund for them, we are not responsible for this. There is another case where you can not be reimbursed if we detect that you are violating our Terms of Use, for example, host to Spamertise, sending spam or bulk mail, or engaging in hacking. You will not receive a refund and the account will be terminated immediately, read our Refund Policy.

Will you remind me before my server expires?

- Yes! We will send you invoice and reminder mails before your server expires.

Can I get discount for multiple server ordering?

- Yes, please contact our sales for more detail.

Do you provide free trial?

- Unfortunately we do not offer free trial for our VPS since their prices are very cheap.

Technical Questions

What operating system templates do you offer?

- CentOS 6.5 32bit - CentOS 6.5 64bit - CentOS 7.0 64bit - Debian 6.0 32bit - Debian 6.0 64bit - Debian 7.0.0 32bit - Debian 7.0.0 64bit - Debian 8.0 64bit - Ubuntu 12.04 32bit - Ubuntu 12.04 64bit - Ubuntu 14.04 64bit - Ubuntu 16.04 64bit - Fedora 20 32bit - Fedora 20 64bit - Fedora 23 64bit - Windows 2008 Server R2 - Windows 2012 Server R2 - Custom ISO - Debian 9.0 64bit - Ubuntu 18.04 Server (x86_64)

Can I use Proxy or VPN ?

- Yes, you can. You can install VPN or proxy in your vps. However, this is limited to Personal Use only, not public sharable or share between multiple party.

Can I move my VPS from a location to other?

- Yes, you can. Please submit a ticket to do so, and our support team will do for you.

Will my server be DDoS protected?

- We offer DDOS protection in - Ashburn - Atlanta - Chicago - Dallas - Kansas City - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Miami - New Jersey - New York - Phoenix - Seattle - Dubai - Sweden - South Africa - Slovakia - Singapore - Serbia - Poland - Amsterdam - Japan - Rome - Budapest - Greece - Düsseldorf - Roubaix - Cyprus - Canada - Belgium - Austria - Melbourne - Sydney

What type of virtualization do you use?

- We utilize KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) in all our locations.

How do I request more IPs?

- Extra IP addresses can be requested from the Client area on the VPS management page. The cost is $3.00/mo in North America, €3 in Europe and $3.00 in Asia/Africa/Oceania and South America. We have to process additional IP orders manually, above 3 IPs you need to open a ticket and provide a valid justification for requesting IP. We will send you an email when your new IP is assigned within 24 hours.


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