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The Philippines server rent how to choose?

The Philippines is one of the prosperous countries in Southeast Asia. The shopping malls in the Philippines have a profitable population, a blue ocean of shopping malls and a speech environment. The Philippines has a population of more than 102 million, ranking second only to Indonesia in Southeast Asia and one of the 12 countries with a population of more than 100 million in the world. The utilization rate of mobile Internet among young people in the Philippines is on the high side. The Philippines is also one of the countries where the number of foreign media users has increased rapidly in the world. The activity and user duration of Philippine diplomatic network users provide a very good user environment for the rapid opening of Internet products.

English is also one of the official languages of the Philippines. The level of English in the Philippines is relatively high. Many foreign-funded enterprises do not have to face language problems when they come to the Philippines. Most importantly, the Philippine government began to strengthen the construction of local Internet and digital economy, which is equivalent to opening the door for the Internet.

When Chinese enterprises go to the Philippines, they will inevitably face the problem of server leasing when their business is launched. There are many companies that supply IDC products, especially server leasing in the Philippines, but how to make the best choice among many choices? Here, the national data editor thinks that he can choose to rent Philippine servers from three aspects.

1. See the agent

There are a lot of data centers in the Philippines. Small editors here recommend to choose agents with strong strength. Such agents will have stable product quality or operation and maintenance efficiency. If the strength of agents is strong, there will be more lines for operators to access, so that enterprises can open overseas business. Assuming that the server has a temporary defect, the operation and maintenance team needs to deal with it in time to avoid losing the business structure.

2. See whether to provide exclusive bandwidth and optimize bandwidth in China

Philippine bandwidth, regardless of local or international bandwidth, is international bandwidth. However, when leasing servers, it depends on whether the supplier provides exclusive bandwidth. The use of shared bandwidth will affect overseas users' access to enterprise business. However, the exclusive bandwidth is the only user with the specified bandwidth amount, and the allocated bandwidth is only used by the enterprise. Therefore, with exclusive bandwidth, problems such as slow ordering, video buffering, slow upload and download can be eliminated, and the amount of data that can be transmitted is not constrained. Return bandwidth generally refers to the bandwidth returned from the Philippines to the mainland. If there is no supply return optimization, enterprises may need to set up two business structures in the mainland and overseas. Otherwise, their own access business will be affected by the network speed, which is not conducive to enterprises opening overseas.

3. Look at the global network resource strength of agents

The importance of this is that if agents master more global network resources, enterprises will be simpler if they turn to overseas business later. It is not a simple job for enterprises to plan their business rapidly in the world, which requires enterprises to find the best network operators in each address. But if we cooperate with high-quality agents, they can directly supply the best choice and save this trouble.
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